Alinea, Chicago

Alinea is a about performance, the reason why it worth a visit is to enjoy the food show.

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Alinea succeeded to entertain the guest with edible nitrogen balloons, hanging lily that goes with your grilled chicken… but if failed to impress with its taste. My favorite dishes were their old and long-standing signature black truffle dishes. This fun show is brings you to the circus of food. Would I visit again? Probably not. But I didn’t regret paying a visit to experience the place.

My food trip in America in August wasn’t particular fascinating in general. It seems that this country work so hard on the entertainment of food rather than the quality and elements within the food itself. I wouldn’t mind a few “Broadway shows” in a meal because it’s entertaining and you could enjoy the magic that they play. But it wouldn’t be a drive to visit again because what I look for is more down to earth – quality and execution. And I found it very typical that all the chefs were never in the kitchen in general…

Tel: +1 312-867-0110
Address: 1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, United States


Visited: August 2015
Chef: Grant Achatz

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