Saison, San Francisco

My food trip in the States was disappointing in general. The food in general was entertaining, but it didn’t impress me with its quality. Saison, however, was a great meal. It was my last stop of my trip and I was glad to end my trip at Saison.

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My favourite was actually the Ratatouille where they sure locally sourced vegetables. Simple cooking method, tasted amazing. The food in the restaurant is heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine, but they gave it a bolder touch to the texture, flavour and temperature.

Another thing that amazed me was their service. As I need to rush for my flight and the dinner was running late. Yet, I was half way through the meal. So after my main course, I made a crazy request – I asked if it’s possible to dish out all the dessert all at once before I leave. Within 15 minutes, my table was filled with 4 dessert courses. After that, one of the staff even ran a few blocks to help me to get a taxi. I was utterly impressed by this kind of service.

Address: 178 Townsend St, San Francisco, United States
Tel: +1 415-828-7990

Chef: Joshua Skenes
Visited on: August 2015

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