Jimbocho Den(神保町 傳), Tokyo

I seldom revisit restaurants again and again in Tokyo as I don’t live there, but Den is one of restaurant that I am willing to return. Even I might not be dining there on that trip, I would always love to make a visit to the restaurant, just to say hi to Zaiyu san.

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I guess the reason people revisit Den is because of the dining atmosphere. It’s an atmosphere that you cannot get in any other restaurant in Japan. It’s the experience as a whole that makes you keep going back, as if they have become your family and you must pay a visit no matter how busy you are.

Every restaurant has ups and downs, but what makes people return is the experience, not food only. My favourite dish at Den is the salad and I enjoyed it every single time.

Jimbocho Den(神保町 傳)
Address: 2-2-32 Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel:+81 03 3222 3978
Website: jimbochoden.com

Online Reservation: Den

Visited on: 16th Nov, 2015
Chef:Zaiyu Hasegawa (在佑 長谷川)

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