Torishiki (鳥しき) , Tokyo

Torishiki is the no. 1 yakitori place in Japan on tabelog. It’s a one star on the michelin guide. The reason why it’s so hard to get a reservation is because it’s fully packed with regulars.

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My first visit to this place was amazing. Although the meal was very very long, chef Ikegawa took his time to grill the skewers carefully. He stood in the same spot and cook for hours, repeating the same action again and again without losing the attention on each piece. He is a true shokunin. Even he is surrounded by a crowd of noisy guest (just like the vibe in izakaya) he was so concentrated on his yakitori. That kind of concentration is definitely what I respect the most and that is also why his yakitori are so good.

If you get a chance, you must pay a visit. You will understand why ‘yakitori is not just yakitori’, but a superb delicacy.

Torishiki (鳥しき)
Address: 2-14-12 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo (東京都品川区上大崎 2-14-12)

Chef: Yoshiteru Ikegawa (池川義輝)
Visited on: 24 April 2016

3 thoughts on “Torishiki (鳥しき) , Tokyo

  1. Dear Keiko san,

    How many months in advance do you need to make a reservation with this restaurant?



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