Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten (すきやばし次郎 本店), Tokyo

Many asked how I could score a reservation at the bucket-list restaurant Sukiybashi Jiro Honten for quite a few times, and with Jiro Ono san there serving sushi. To be honest, the quickest and most convienent way for me was to join arryjapan’s event. Because even if I can book through a concierge, it might not guarantee the presence of Jiro Ono San.

So, I joined arry’s events earlier this year which I was allowed to take pictures for the event. So I would like to share the photos on my blog as well.

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This year is the 10th consecutive year that Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten was awarded with a 3 Michelin Star. Anyhow, let’s just forget the stars and talk about the meal.

As far as I know, Jiro Ono san only making sushi for regulars now. It’s mostly his son is the one who is making the sushi now.


Yes, I am a Jiro fan. (I wasn’t a fan after the first visit, but I became one on my second visit) It’s definitely not easy to understand why a 30 -45 minute meal would set you back at 37000JPY. For me, it’s really about the rice and skills. After all, making sushi is an art that requires years of practice. If you look at the pictures, you can tell how firm the sushi was. The shape of the sushi clean, and the bottom of the sushi has a nice curve that even it was place on the sushi plate, the rice will not sink onto the plate. But even it looks firm, the rice will fall apart in your mouth. That’s something that amazed me all the time.

Always thankful and glad to meet the sushi master. I always wonder if I could be as genki as he is when I reach his age.

P.S. Nevertheless, if you are not into a quick sushi meal, it might be a good idea to skip it. But if you really love sushi, I do think you should give it a try at least.

Sukiyabashi Jiro (すきやばし 次郎)
Address: 4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo (東京都中央区銀座4-2-15 塚本総業ビルB1階)
Tel: 03-3535-3600

Visited: 1st Feb 2017
chef: Jiro Ono

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