Mikawa Zezankyo (みかわ是山居), Tokyo

When Japan has Jiro Ono, the living national treasure, in the sushi field, Saotome should be counted as another dedicated old man who specializes in tempura.

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Mikawa Zezankyo’s tempura is traditional, home cooking style. In the cozy environment, Chef Tetsuya Saotome stands right below the ‘magical Borsalino hat’ with Chang, his student, by his side. This place is about honest food, nothing fancy. His matsutake and eel tempura is definitely the highlight.

Other than cooking, Chef Saotome is very good at calligraphy. He drew his own menu with amazing pictures of the seasonal ingredients.

This place is definitely value for money. Everyone who has been here would love to come back.

Mikawa Zezankyo

Address: 1-3-1 Fukuzumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo (東京都江東区福住1-3-1)
Tel:+81 3-3643-8383

Price: Lunch ¥10,500; dinner ¥15,750
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 1:30pm; 5pm – 9pm
Chef: Tetsuya Saotome

2 thoughts on “Mikawa Zezankyo (みかわ是山居), Tokyo

  1. Hi Katie, have you been to Hayashi? I’ve been to Mikawa Zezankyo, Fukamachi, and Motoyoshi. Not sure how it compares with the others. Heard mixed reviews..

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