Makimura (まき村), Tokyo

Makimura is a three star restaurant kaiseki restaurant located in a small neighbourhood near Oomori.

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Every single tableware that Makimura use are amazingly delicate, to a point where I enjoyed looking at the plate more than eating the food.

The start of Makimura was nice but the dishes went down hill a bit after the bamboo dish. Nevertheless, he Daichatsuke(鯛茶漬), their signature dish, and the yogurt dessert was a nice wrap up.

Their daichatsuke is served in two ways. First you get to taste the fish raw with wasabi, sesame sauce and rice. Then you can mix them up and add some hot tea into your rice. The Dai will then be half cooked where you could enjoy the whole dish in another way.

I was planning to rebook for the next meal if it’s really good, but in the end it didn’t impress me enough to make a rebooking.

Makimura (まき村)
Address: MAKIMURA BLD 1F, 3-11-5, Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (東京都品川区南大井3-11-5 MAKIMURA BLD 1F)
Tel: 03-3768-6388

Opening Hours: 6pm-10pm (closed on Sundays)
Chef: Makimura Akio
Visited on: 24 April 2016

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