Ta Vie, Hong Kong

Ta Vie is a relatively new restaurant that joins the Michelin gang in Hong Kong. It’s is started by the Ex chef of Tenku Ryugin. That’s proabably why there’s a lot of attention once it’s opened.

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Unlike Tenku Ryugin that features traditional Kaiseki, Ta Vie takes a completely French approach.

Chef Sato was trained in a renowned restaurant in Karuizawa before he embark on his career in Ryugin Tokyo, trained under Yamamoto, then proceeded as the head chef of Ryugin.

You can see the shadow on Ryugin in Sato’s dish but he elevated it according to his perception on French and Japanese cuisine.

I think it’s one of the top Japanese French restaurant along the lines of Wagyu Takumi, which is also a one star in Hong Kong.

Ta Vie
Address:2/F, The Pottinger, 74Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2668-6488

Visited on: 11 March 2016
Chef: Hideaki Sato

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